Vectrocut Sono Release

By: Garth Jacobs

13 June 2013

Vectrocut Sono Release

The start of a new Generation of fabric cutting machines


After many hours of listening to customers dreaming of a better machine the VectroCut-Sono was born.

Things like being able to cut all fabrics on one machine without the need to overlay sacrificial plastic film onto screen fabrics were key issues that inspired Director Garth Jacobs to invent this unique design.

Using the patented clamping system, the fabric is held taught while being cut with either Ultrasonic or Pressure/Crush cutting.

Its simple to operate yet robust design makes for the easiest to use fully automatic machine on the market that is reliable day in and day out.


  • Ultrasonic & crush cutting = versatility.  Cut all jobs on one table
  • Australian made = local support, service & spare parts
  • No plastic film required due to patented clamp system  = increased productivity, no consumables, no greenhouse waste
  • Space saving = small footprint with high output (100-200 blinds/shift), choose from two models - up to 4.1mt internal or 5.3mt external skins
  • No vacuum motor = reduced utility expense and requirement for 3 phase power, no noise, no greenhouse waste
  • No vacuum holes = no fabric tagging, increased productivity 
  • No work order key-in due to data import ability via Ms Excel = minimal errors, increased productivity
  • No software compatibility issues = no viruses, purpose built operator control system
  • Fast and highly accurate Servo Drive Motors = increased productivity and reliability, assured long term cut quality and low maintenance
  • Identification labels via label printer = minimal errors, increased throughput
  • Rapid work order changeover = increased productivity
  • Train in 10 minutes = up and running after 2 day install period, retraining not a burden

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